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Paradise Fears 02/06/14

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Paradise Fears Acoustic & In-The-Round Tour starts in 38 days!
2/4 - St. Louis, MO2/5 - Chicago, IL2/6 - Columbus, OH2/7 - Pittsburgh, PA2/8 - Pontiac, MI2/10 - Toronto, ON2/11 - Buffalo, NY2/13 - Philadelphia, PA2/14 - Boston, MA2/15 - New York, NY (early show)2/15 - New York, NY (later show)2/16 - Vienna, VA2/17 - Atlanta, GA2/18 - Orlando, FL2/20 - Houston, TX2/21 - Dallas, TX2/23 - Mesa, AZ2/25 - Anaheim, CA2/26 - Sacramento, CA2/27 - Salt Lake City, UT2/28 - Denver, CO3/7 - Sioux Falls, SD3/8 - Minneapolis, MN

The extended edition will go on sale this Friday at 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST! There are only 1000 available!

sorry i havent posted! i probably wont be posting a ton this year because of college apps, scholarship apps, and ap classes (joy, right? x.x)

bear with me guys! <3

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First NFL Sunday! We&#8217;re watching&#8230;are you?

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"If there&#8217;s one thing in life that I&#8217;ve learned so far,
it&#8217;s that we&#8217;re all a little stronger than we think we are.&#8221;
september 3.